Introduction to the Great Global Warming Hoax



Truth is a funny thing, there is absolutely no truth within the Global Warming memeset, it is based only on lies and demand for world government.  Global Warming is a religion, it must be viewed as a religion by the skeptics, because it is all based on bias, conjecture, opinion and the need for money.  Money drives the Global Warming hysteria, it is a modern popular delusion, it is the madness of the crowd, the earth is on the edge of a new Ice Age, runaway heating is not in the cards.


There is no Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide does not cause warming, it only follows global temperature trends, the science of anthropocentric (human caused) is all based on fantasy brought to life by the insane liars in the main stream media.  Truth doesn’t exist at CNN or Fox News, they tell the lies of state or whoever has the greatest influence on state.

“Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level;

and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and resist this tyranny at some level,

is helping to create death, destruction and suffering.

Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity.”

– Digger for Truth


There has been a major discovery in psychology last year, all of us tell lies but very few of us tell really big lies.  We all lie and we all have secrets, but we would be shocked if someone told us a really huge lie.  As is turns out, lying is not just common, it is universal in the human genus.  The information in a persons head is mostly from outside of the self, and since everyone is lying all of the time most people have total bullshit running around in their brains.  In other words a typical bipedal human Ape has absolutely no clue about reality, their world view is all based on other peoples delusional opinions and this is especially true for highly emotional topics like religion and politics.


Can You Handle the Truth?  Probably Not.

Can I tell you the truth about the Jews?  Can you hear it when it involves you?  Or would you like to play a game of truth, where I lie to you, I tell you it’s anything but the Jews fault, thus protecting your inner truths(installed programs) that you hold dear?  So which internet writer are you going to listen to?  The truth liar or the truth teller?  Well dear reader, truth telling is this funny thing because most can’t hear it but I hope you will open your mind and stick with the unveiling and read on.

The truth is a very funny thing.  So many are unable to tell it because inside of themselves they are protecting some sacred cow, some thing they latched onto at some point in their life and it is a matter of life and death of their very being to protect some meme.  There is a reason why there is resistance to change, one builds their internal guidance based on what they know and to challenge a primary meme in the memebase is to undercut their very foundation of self identity.

What if I told you all the news is controlled by Jews, that Jews are pathological liars, that they have lied to you about everything, about the Federal Reserve, about God, about Jesus, about American freedom, about Global Warming?  What if I told you that CO2 is a not a causal agent in the warming or cooling cycle of earth history?  What if I told you that CO2 can not stop a new Ice Age?  What if I told you Global Warming was 100% pure Jew bullshit?


What if I told you Jesus was not real?  This is just like when you were a kid and found out Santa wasn’t real.”What do you mean Santa’s not real, who’s going to give me presents”?  Finding out Jesus is not real might be a life threatening event, you might even pass out, feint from information overload to your brain operating system.  Your brain might go into a lockup like your computer.  Well, Global Warming religion is the same as Jesus, it is an unproved belief, and finding out it isn’t true could be a shock to your emotional core.

For most people they protect their religion because it is life threatening not to.  You can bash other religions, but you better not bash their religion.  The Jews are this way, they will bash Christians and Muslims, even calling for the nuking of Muslim nations, but are deeply offended to suggest the same for them.  Tell any Jew you’d like to see Israel glassed over, they will wince and whine and call you an anti-Semite, but they are perfectly fine if the New York Times article calls for the nuclear bombing of Tehran.


Very, very few people can make it mentally to an absolute understanding about the real problem we are facing, it’s not just the Zionists, or just the Jews, it is their very core beliefs that they base their reality.  Judaism is the central problem, the very teachings in the Bible are the destructive code bringing the world to it’s knees.  Zionism is a big problem, but it is only the second order expression of the Judaic religion.  Judaism came first, Zionism followed, the political expression of how the Jews think and behave comes out of their supremacist religion.

But most people can’t handle the truth thing about the Jews because they have an emotional investment in the Bible.  If Judaism is wrong then that threatens Christianity, because it was derived from Judaism. The two religions are inextricably linked together like Siamese twins.  Why is this important about the lies of Global Warming?  Because if you understand how and why the Jew lies about religion and their supremacy, then you can understand the driving force behind the Global Warming/Climate Change agenda.


The whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is foreign to most people who are operating in some sort of denial.  Truth doesn’t sell –  lies do, and every politician knows that.   Most people operate in agreement with their ego attachments, they always have something they are trying to protect or promote while defaming that which they do not agree.  Most people are protecting their internal mind architecture as a survival trait.

The Jews are a tribe, and they are a supremacy cult – they believe god choose them.  They believe their own lies, Jews live inside of their own lies, most of them do not even know this!  It is impossible to under the Climate Change hoax if you don’t understand how Jews operate.  All they do is lie and they own the media, so nothing you hear on the Jewtube is truthful in any way.  Everything in the mass media is intended to decieve.


Bible is a Template for a Mind Control Technique

Americans are mostly Christian and can not think outside of the Christian box.  Many are waking up, becoming ‘Jew wise’, but maintain their attachment to Christianity and the Bible.  They can not see that Christianity is a Jewish religion, they can not see that any attachment to Jewishness or Jewish books invalidates them, they are stuck in belief, fear bound to protect their faith.


The Bible is the premiere mind control document, it turns off your mind making you a pliable slave and at the same time connects your heart to the myth.  People love the Bible stories and have no idea what is happening to them when they take the belief literal.  The Christmas nativity scene hooks your heart to the rendering beauty of an infant born in a manger to a loving mother and dedicated father.  Most of us connect with the infant Jesus at a heart level, it makes us feel safe and warm.  God is born unto this world and we feel safe, god came to save us.

As wonderful as it seems, unfortunately it is not true.  God did not come to save us, he was not born into this world, he is not coming back to make things right.  The Bible is the mythos of our culture and it is hard to view it as myth while believing it real.  We are being hooked at an emotional level because someone has an agenda.  So now we can discover the hook being used to control us. We are emotional attached to the Bible at the heart level and our brain disabled to critical thinking.

The Bible is doing two thing to mind control us:

1.  It is turning off your brain by requiring blind belief.

2.  It is emotional attaching the human energy field to the god concept making you dependent on the Jew.

The result is catastrophic, the Bible has turned peoples minds into mush, and they can’t think their way out of the box the Jew has placed them.  Global Warming is part of this problem, because it is modern myth that is patently absurd but state policy is being formulated around it if it was real.  Obama is shutting down coal fired electrical plants as if runaway warming was a real threat.


This Bible may be the original template for mind control that governments and advertisers study to advance their own.  The Bible changes the believer at a core levels. There is an agenda behind it, nearly every hotel room has a copy because those at the top of the pyramid want you to believe.  Why?  Because brainwashed sheep is profitable for the state sponsored Jew thiefs.

The Bible is the great deception behind which the Jews hide, with the Bible you will never know that the camouflaged Jew next to you is part of a great mind deception.  The Jew is gaining divinity status in relation to you when you believe.  God help those who do not believe in the Jews as the chosen ones, bombs will rain down until they do.  The Jew can not afford to have anyone not believing for they made find out there is only a man behind the curtain.


How the Jew Thieves

Theft is big business when you steal at the national level.  When the government passes out grants you can bet the Jews are lining up to get as much as they can.   The Jew thinks nothing of stealing the wealth of an entire nation, that is why the Federal Reserve was created, to rob industrial America blind, and that it did.  Where is America’s gold?  Where are the manufacturing jobs?  Where is the value of the currency?  Where is the moral fiber, the thrift, the hard work ethic and quality of craftsmanship that Americans are known for?  Gone.  Gone with the wind because the Jew has robbed America blind.

The Jews use this passive aggressive technique in order to thieve and defame.  First they rob you blind then they blame you for the crime.  They pull Sandy Hook and accuse you of your gun ownership.  The rob Pharaoh of all Egypt’s gold and blame him for pursuing them when they flee Egypt.  They invent the Holocaust story long after WW2 and then defame Hitler and Germany for their crime of instigating the war and firebombing Germans.   Don’t forget, Jesus died for your sins.  The Jews are playing mind games, feigning victimhood while being the aggressors.  As they rob you, you – the victim, are made the guilty party but you can’t see them because they are perfectly camouflaged behind the Bible.


A few very bright minds do escape the Bible mind matrix, and they see the Jew clearly, for example these quotes of chess champion Bobby Fisher (


“The United States is supposed to be a government of laws, not people. But that’s a lot of shit. The United States is totally controlled by dirty Jews. And these are ruthless, lawless, criminal people. They’ve been mutilating their kids for thousands of years, cutting off a piece of their penis. That’s illegal too, but that never stopped the dirty Jews.”

“Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans”

Another great mind, Eustace Mullins, describes the Jew as a ‘biological parasite”:

mullins“One of the specialized modifications of the Jew is his ability to suck the blood of the gentile host without alarming his victim, weakening it without being discovered, through the highly sophisticated and refined instruments and techniques which the Jew has developed over a period of centuries for these specific purposes, and which have no counterpart in any other species. In view of these techniques, need we be surprised that some of the gentiles who have been most weakened by the blood-lettings of the Jew are among his most vociferous defenders, and who will fight to the death to protect their Jewish “benefactors.”  They are totally unable to recognize their danger, or the insidious nature of the parasitic attack.”

In the Bible we have the Jew’s supposed history, but it is being proved false by dedicated forensic scientists and scholars.  Now we know why.  The Jews are lying, they are always lying, they are using their lying techniques as a weapon.  The Jews are unchanging, civilizations come and go but the eternal Jew does not change.  He has perfected how to lie and how to get away with it, his books are the program code for his way.  And since we all lie, we should hold that skill with reverence.  Wow!  The Jew is the perfect liar.  Maybe that is the real reason so many people actually hold the Jew as a reverent divine being.


Take a recent example, 911.  They did it and they are saying someone else did it.  What does this mean we must do?  Not trust anything they said recently or in the past, like their history.  Where is the Jew’s history recorded?  In their holy book and doesn’t the Bible say not to trust liars?  Whoa Noah!  The Bible is a propaganda document, there are many truths and some lies.  And those lies change everything.  But everyone trusts the Bible like it’s the word of God.  Why?  Emotional hooking.

The truth about global warming are only the words about global warming.  Global Warming is a new myth, a cargo cult, it is only true as a theory in your mind;  it is just like the god of the Bible, an unproven unseen idea that lives in your brain as a memetic parasite, worming around making you all confused about being guilty for being born.  Just as God cast your ancestors Adam and Eve out of the Garden for “sinning” so shall you be cast out of your carbon spewing road hog V-8 gas guzzler for sinning against the environment!   Global Warming is a Jew con game of making you feel guilty for being born and exhaling CO2, you are being made a sinner for breathing.


This invisible god of the Bible are the words in the Bible, that is why you are not supposed to worship idols or ‘graven’ images.  All the other God’s had form, but not Jehovah.  The image of the Bible god can not be known, no one has ever seen the face of this god?  Why?  Because this invisible god isn’t like the other gods, he is the upgraded 2.0 version, he is the God of words only.  That is why you must study the Bible to find god.  God is unveiled in your mind when you study the Bible, not the real God but the Jewish destroyer god.  It is important to understand that YHWH is not a creator god, he is the vengeful destroyer, he is the wishful thinking of the Bible writers.  But you think YHWH is the creator god?  Why?  Because the Jew liar wrote the Bible.

Jehovah or Yahweh has never had a bust made of his image, because he is only  the words, sentences, memes, the concept of god in the book.  The Bible God is the Jewish concept of reality, destroy and steal, leave everything in ruin, take the money and run.  They’ve done it all through their history just as they are doing to America now.  The eternal Jew does not change.


I sincerely believe that Christianity has run its course and being faithful is now detrimental to the survival of the specie.  We must wake up and transcend myth.  We must end the trance on our minds.  We must overcome childish views on god and afterlife in order to overcome the Jewish viewpoint of reality.  How can you overcome the Jew when you believe in the Jewish version of reality?  Do you actually think that some God cares what you do?  The chosen ones certainly don’t act like they believe in their God, perhaps they know it’s not true and are taking advantage of your naivete.

If there really was a just God then how do you explain the Jew?  He murders, rape, thieves and gets very, very wealthy doing so and now he is getting ready to end the lives of all non Jews in another Bolshevik style purge.  How does he do this and get away with it?  God.  He says he represents God and you believe him.  Justice is never served because of the myth.  Wait a minute the Christian says.  Jesus is coming back any day now to make thing right.  But he never shows. Why?  Why hasn’t Jesus come back yet?  Because, the Christian reasons, things aren’t bad enough yet.  LOL


So where is Jesus?  Is he long gone, AWOL, didn’t make it because he ‘took the last train to the coast‘ as the song suggests?  Nope.  He was never there, that’s the deception folks, he was never there, and while you were waiting for justice the Jew raped and pillaged your society.  Jesus can not come back and save you because he is the fiction they invented so they could live in riches while you toiled in poverty.

As you slaved away they told you were piling up riches in heaven as the Jew robbed you blind.  You do the work and they get the reward, that is the game being played, Jesus Christ is a fable as one honest pope (Leo X) told us, but no one listened, because no one wants to hear the truth.  Truthful people will realize Global Warming is a lie, but they are a minority because most are comfortable in the lie.



Chapter 1. Climate Change Myth is State Organized Murder



Global Warming hoax has been outed, the measured data does not support the runaway warming hypothesis, but the criminal political class didn’t give up their dream of world government supported by carbon taxes, they changed the meme to “climate change”, a meaningless concept since the earth’s climate is always changing.  Billions are being wasted on a imaginary problem of CO2 caused crisis, their simply isn’t any carbon threat whatsoever.


Britains may have to vacate their Northwest Atlantic island to survive the new mini ice age.  How does that square with the last two decades of runaway Global Warming hysteria?  What is happening in reality is exactly the opposite of what the political class claimed – yet no one is lynching the criminal politicians who wasted billions in public funds on false claims and demonization of Carbon Dioxide for express purpose of raising funds for the despotic Jewish World Government.

Recent headlines in the UK newspapers totally negate the Global Warming meme:

SHOCK CLAIM: World is on brink of 50 year ICE AGE and BRITAIN will bear the brunt

World is on brink of new ice age and Britain could be hit the hardest

Earth heading for ‘mini ice age’ within 15 years

Why is reality exactly opposite of what the liars on the Jewtube say?  Why did the talking head Jew scum liars tell us the United States was fighting ISIS when in fact they not only created these terrorists.  Why are the criminals in D.C. fomenting WW3 when Russia entered the Levant and started liquidating the Jew terror proxy army?  Why is reality exactly opposite of the claims within the Jewish owned media?  Why did “global warming” morph into “climate change”?

The reason is simple, political power is attained through the lie, the bigger the lie the more the power.  Global Warming was a huge lie just lie the War on Terror, both are the same, big lies being used to terrorize the populations.  The problem is the state itself, no one should have this kind of power and that way no one can abuse power.  When Global Warming didn’t pan out as expected, they changed the myth to climate change.  CO2 isn’t a threat, it is a trace gas, a life gas, it is part of the life cycle and to demonize carbon dioxide is to demonize life itself.  But what the hey, that is exactly something the god damn Jew would do!


The Jewish controlled state operates inside of lies, that is how they get power, by telling the Big Lie.  Statecraft is lying over and over until they get their way, the state is waging war on us, they are constantly whipping up a false enemy or problem in our minds in order to control us.

Albert J. Nock, author of “OUR ENEMY THE STATE” quotes:

“Like all predatory or parasitic institutions, the state’s first instinct is that of self-preservation. All its enterprises are directed first towards preserving its own life, and, second, towards increasing its own power and enlarging the scope of its own activity. For the sake of this it will, and regularly does, commit any crime which circumstances make expedient.”

“Taking the state wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators, and beneficiaries from those of a professional criminal class.”

“The State claims and exercises the monopoly of crime. It forbids private murder, but itself organizes murder on a colossal scale. It punishes private theft, but itself lays unscrupulous hands on anything it wants, whether the property of citizen or of alien.”

Understand what Global Warming really is: murder.  It is our death, the state is taking 22 billion dollars a year and applying it toward a non-existent problem while thousands starve to death.  Do you understand what is happening?  The state is crafting new myths while ignoring real problems with the human condition, every Climate Change promoter, like Obama, is a murderer!  But shouldn’t we expect to be abused by a tranny wife dominated lying Jew whore!


How did criminal politicians get all this power?  With your compliance – belief in authority, with your belief in EXTERNAL omnipotence.  Why do you believe in this outside the self omnipotent power?  The Holy Bible teaches it as an attribute of God, external authority to one’s self is the primary feature of Yahweh.

All of Obama’s evil is allowed by your belief system, if you didn’t believe in external authority then you would immediately arrest/kill/lockup/commit anyone trying to assert it over you.  He is an actor reading a script, his statements about “climate change” are laughably insane.  His replacement (Trump) can either ignore what’s going on or start prosecuting the criminal class.  Do you think Obama should hang for telling us all those lies?  I do!

obama gif climate change is a fact

Even though Yahweh doesn’t actually exist, the state does exist and it gets power with your compliance.  You were taught Yahweh in order for the state to get power.  Do you get that? Obama or whatever selected prez we have in front of us on the Jewish owned televised media is not the problem, it’s the authority they wield, authority that we’ve given them by voting, by taxes, by compliance, by signing forms or even listening to them on the Jew tube.

The god meme is how the state gets power over you, and once it has this power, it acts like god, waxing totalitarian authority over you as if it were god.  The real god that Christians worship is Jewish power attained by belief in the Holy Bible.  God is a meme being used to rape you, do you get that?  Whore Obama is shutting down coal fired plants right in front of a new Ice Age as if he was god.  Obama is not god, he is liar, he is a criminal, he is a mass murderer.


Humanity is completely damned by this Jewish Neanderthal belief system.  This one book has put the human mind in a suspended state of animation, in a realm of fakery and belief.  Huge lies like Global Warming can be floated in your mind when it believes fairy tales of Eve talking to a serpent in the Garden of Eden.  If you believe Moses could part the Red Sea then you will believe UK Prime Minister David Cameron can defeat ISIS and win the War of Terror.

Politicians can assert lies and the public believes because the public is taught to trust authority.  You trust God, right?   If you trust God then you trust Obama/Cameron.  The two are the same – they are the personalization of power.  But there is a greater power than the god meme and criminal politicians – Nature and ice.  The political class can not stop the ice from coming, the Queen can not stop Britain from being frozen over, she can not protect her people from reality of brutally cold winters that could last decades forcing the population to move south.

jewish deception for global hegemony driving global-warming-conspiracy

Global Warming is a 100% hoax – there is no evidence of this “theory”.  The claim that our children would not know snow is a wild eyed projection of government funded theorists high on Fed crack money.  It is bitter cold across much of the United States and the snow is piling up.  NO GLOBAL WARMING at all because it was a big fat Jew lie.

The evidence of cold is right in front of your eyes.  Middle of November is getting January temps and snow.  This winter will end the Global Warming delusion – the last remainders of the American people who haven’t caught on that the mainstream news is total bullshit will realize in their frozen consciousness that the government lies about everything.  A deep dark depression about this government is slowly sinking in.   We are rule by lying psychopaths and we are in trouble.


The President is shutting down coal fired electrical plants based on a hoax.  This is deadly.  This WILL result in people dying as the mini-ice age sets in.  Think people think. The reason reality doesn’t match the propaganda is because Nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the bullshit theories of the Jewish liars.  Obama or whoever is Prez is the selected puppet of Rothschild, it is to be seen if President elect Trump is going to change the death cult tune in Washington D.C. that is run by Rothschild whore puppets.

The sun is the apparent driver of earth long term climate trends, and humans do not affect the sun with their earthly activities.  Climate change is a meme that amounts to state organized mass murder since hundreds of billions are being wasted chasing a phantom problem while thousands freeze to death every winter in every major industrialized city!

Russian Scientist: ‘The New Little Ice Age Has Started’

people freeze to death while billions spent on global warming hoax

Over 200 billion dollars have been wasted trying to prove a theory that can never be proved for the simple fact CO2 is not causal.  Jews think they can write a computer model and force warming.  The Jew is loony.  No amount of money can be spent to “prove” warming by CO2 because there is no link between the two.

Carbon isn’t warming the earth, Abe Foxman’s farts can’t warm us, no matter how much the Jew liars and their whore money grubbing bootlickers pander, their truths about climate change will not change the reality of the approaching cold, we are at the end of the Holocene and the sudden change to the new deep freeze.  Carbon Dioxide does not force warming, it follows macro temperature trends, and all the bullshit in the world is not going to stop the approaching Ice Age.






Chapter 2. Carbon Dioxide NOT Warming the Planet!



Anyone using the meme “climate change” is pushing the hoax whether conscious of its use or not.  As many people immediately protested this nonsense by making the point the climate is always changing even if the planet had no human activity – but the use of the meme “climate change” is propaganda that humans are causal to climate changes.  They are not, we ain’t changing the climate like they want you to believe, because in order to control you must be made to feel guilty.


The old meme of CO2 driven warming has been disproven, CO2 is not the warming gas it used to be, it has been demoted and shelved.  NASA launched a CO2 measuring satellite and discovered that upper atmosphere CO2 cools the atmosphere.  So the hypothesis that Carbon Dioxide was a warming gas is not true, it cools the upper atmosphere.  Oops!  CO2 molecules absorb incoming parallel light rays from the sun and then re-emit them in all directions so the net effect is that increasing CO2 up there is sending sun radiation back to space.


So the meme had to be changed. The Global Warming meme was not supported by observed data, the computer models were wrong, NASA’s satellite embarrassed the D.C. liars so the meme had to be changed.  Global Warming then became Climate Change.  Lie A became Lie B.  The liars don’t care, they know how propaganda works, tell the lie often enough and it becomes the new truth.

The mainstream media is using this new meme after the global warming meme fail – the earth is not warming at all and direct temperature measurements on the ground and from space are not recording the warming predicted by hundreds of well-funded computer models – thus meme change – ‘global warming’ morphed into ‘climate change’.  Meme change because the liars got caught.


It is nearly impossible to establish human effects from natural cyclical changes, but the media use of climate change implies that the change is human caused.  This baffles the mind because the observation of the earth is cooling goes against the established “fact” that burning fossil fuels makes the earth warm.  The cerebral neuron route is that this “fact” is for sure a fact because burning carbon based fuels makes CO2 and that makes the earth warm.

‘Climate Change’ meme is intentional obfuscation.  They no longer have to specify which way it’s changing, but claim that it is changing.  Well obviously the climate is always changing.  It changed a lot since the dinosaurs, it changed since the Roman times or during the mini Ice Age.  It changed when Noah built an ark because the glaciers all melted at the beginning of the Holocene.  The liars have a new meme that can’t be disproven, climate’s a changing don’t ‘cha know!

co2 trace gas chart not a temperature driver

But the CO2 hypothesis is dead wrong, the link between CO2 and earth temp is not established.  The fact that the concentration of CO2 is so low as to be irrelevant should raise an eyebrow or two.  Can a trace gas really make that big of a difference in thermodynamic model of the atmosphere?   The answer that no computer model scammer can accept is a big NO.

The computer models failed because the initial assumption was wrong, CO2 is not a driver, it is a follower.  No matter how much you tweak the program model it won’t work because it can’t work.  The claim that CO2 is driving heating is not true.  It might seem true, you build a fire and burn some carbon and it heats the local air, but in the overall eco-system it is not adding extra energy.  It doesn’t matter if wood is burned or decayed, the same exact BTU’s are released by fast or slow combustion.

epic fail of global warming computer model predictions









Reality is that moist air and warmth are related – camp in the desert on a clear night and feel the temperature drop.  Humid area traps heat, high humidity makes the air feel warmer.  Water not CO2 is the heat conveyor in the earths atmosphere.

Thus the real link between warming and burning fuel is the water vapor produced, not CO2.  Unfortunately for the alarmists you simply can’t over pump the atmosphere with water vapor because it automatically phase changes into a liquid at the dew point temperature and comes out of the gas phase and becomes part of the hydrological cycle.

Up in the great white north, the insane Jew ridden Canadian government is trying to ban woodstoves, in a nation that relies on wood burning heat just to stay alive.  The Jew is insane, the Jews must be put down like rabid dogs before they kill any more of us off in their insane plans of world domination by demonizing the life gas of Carbon Dioxide!


Off-Gridders Threatened: Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines

“Montreal residents that burn wood for heat must register their stoves and by October 2018, must replace them with newer models or face thousands of dollars in fines.”

“The burning of wood, coal, pellets and other solid fuels is already banned during smog alerts in Montreal. Starting October 18, 2018, the city will extend the ban to all devices that emit more than 2.5 grams of fine particles an hour. Any fireplace, furnace or stove that does not meet that standard will be banned, and there is no grandfather clause.”

What is the basis of this fascist agenda against burning wood?  Isn’t Canada freezing cold and covered with trees in a sparsely populated land?  California (38.8 million) has more people than all of Canada (35.2 million) and allows wood stoves, so what gives in the land up north that has an 25 times the land area?  The problem with Canada is Jews!  Canada is Jew infested, it is infested with money grubbing, evil, plotting Jews who are destroying Canada for their self centered tribal interest of world domination!


Evil Zionist Jews and their minions can’t stand free people who supply their own energy.  Jews hate freedom and Canada has become batshit insane from Jewish control.  Just one forest fire puts out more heat and smoke than all the wood stoves burning in an entire year!  The claim that wood stoves are environmentally dangerous is BULLSHIT!

It doesn’t matter if you slowly rot wood over a hundred years or burn it within an hour, the laws of conservation of energy of matter say that the products of combustion are exactly the same molecules and the exactly same heat release.  Slow or fast combustion of cellulose yields identical results down to the molecule.


That’s right folks, burning wood doesn’t add any additional heat to the environment and burning a few logs in a wood stove doesn’t heat the atmosphere and cause global warming, wood is stored solar energy that rots all the time or burns up in forest fires – whatever humans with wood is doing doesn’t matter at all.

But the greedy Jew doesn’t like your freedom, he must demonize your existence so he creates bullshit stories of Eve eating an apple and bringing sin into the world and when that story stops working he tells you that burning wood is bad for the environment.  That is completely impossible – trees are stored solar energy, burning them to keep warm is not going to change the planet thermodynamics.


The anti-wood stove agenda is not about the environment or saving the planet – it is about control – the Jew wants to control you and make you a slave – he does this based on his religious text.  The Jew is waging an all out war on your very being and right to exist.  You should listen to Yukon and not the Jew, you should join me in my crusade in destroying the Jew forever and removing them from this planet.

Really, the Jew not only wants you to freeze to death on a cold and snowy planet, but what the Jew wants your total surrender and to own your very soul.  The solution to the Global Warming problem is the elimination of the source of Global Bullshitting problem – the Jew.  Burning wood is not a problem – the Jew is the problem.


Ok, so enough of the boring scientific banter, what is really going on?  Jews need a new scam, and the new scam is  of course a money making scam based on deception.  The Jew is greedy and needs more money – just like God, the Jew needs your money.

The Jew only knows how to operate inside a scam – he can’t let it go even when proven wrong – so global warming became climate change as a natural process of Jewish influence in the media.  Those that push this climate change meme are doing intentionally or are fools.




Chapter 3. The New Ice Age is On the Way


The new ice age is a thousand years overdue.  It’s coming and man can NOT stop it.  Global Warming was a lie, a big fat lie told by big fat liars like Al Gore.  Global Warming promotion was a crime, those that told the lie need to hang, society is being directed in the exactly wrong direction because we have a political class of whores.


All the talk about Global Warming and Climate Change is mainstream media (MSM) lies and subterfuge.  They always lie, idiots on the television idiot box read the teleprompter script of evil and insane Jew liars.  If you watch it then you will be confused and made stupid.  Don’t do it.  Television is a powerful device, it is being used as the primary propaganda media, 7 Jewish men own almost all the mass media in the United States.  Never ever watch the Jewtube, everything on the Jewish controlled television are lies of Jewish parasites.

Once you understand that you are being lied to continuously about everything, you might want to know what is actually going on, and if the climate is getting ready to flip.  The scientists that study this are saying the sun controls the climate, not CO2.  They are saying the solar cycle is reduced and going into hibernation.  It does this periodically, the earth cools substantially if the sun is absent of sunspots.


Now take that information and consider that we are overdue for an ice age, not just a mini-ice age, but the full blown real ice age.  We are long overdue for continental glaciers.


Once the temperature plunge starts, the world you know will rapidly change toward the cold, agriculture will be severely affected, the huge 7 billion human population could face starvation, millions will be forced to move toward the equator, the entire population of Canada will be forced to flee.  New data proves that Ice Ages develop fast, in only 2-20 years.

Canada, Oh Canada, Where Art Thou?

We have excellent data on previous Ice Ages, they are cyclical, their coverage is known.  In the next Ice Age Canada will disappear just like in all previous epochs.  The ice will extend into northern United States, yes Virginia, the Statue of Liberty will have to be moved elsewhere.


So as the new cold reality develops I hope you have the guts to hold the liars in the media and government accountable for their criminal lies of Global Warming.  They need to be hung from every lamp post down Pennsylvania Avenue!  Human cause Carbon Dioxide is not a factor and can not stop the earth from freezing, they sold you a big fat lie and do NOT believe for one second that humans can affect the thermodynamics of the planet.

Is the new Ice Age starting?  Is the earth cooling from a reduced solar cycle?  Already in 2013, at solar maximum, it is cold and snowy this month, here is the national map for December 11th, 2013.  And this is happening at a peak in a solar cycle, we are currently at solar max for cycle 24.

The cold north winds of the polar vortex smashed the theory of the climate change pigs who feed at the pit of government largesse.  As we meander into another Maunder solar minima you have to wonder how humankind got so taken in by the Global Warming hoax.  Just last week the President, now the Predictor in Chief, warned the nation of upcoming devastating hurricanes. This White House Vaudeville show a big laugh, Obama now a climate wizard.


Here it is, on June 3rd, 2014, the sun being at solar max is nearly spotless.  How is that possible?  No big solar flares while at solar max.  No big Coronal Mass Ejections aimed at earth. Something very strange is going on, last winter Niagara Falls froze solid, twice.  The Great Lakes became a solid sheet of ice.  We were told that the earth was in runaway Global Warming caused by carbon dioxide increases from burning fossil fuels.

The cold north winds of the polar vortex smashed the theory of the climate change pigs who feed at the pit of government largesse.  As we meander into another Maunder solar minima you have to wonder how humankind got so taken in by the Global Warming hoax.  Just last week the President, now the Predictor in Chief, warned the nation of upcoming devastating hurricanes. This White House Vaudeville show a big laugh, Obama now a climate wizard.

What a joke this Barry Soetero character, he’s all confused and befuddled as his scurrying minions run around the White House with their discredited climate theories weaved into Presidential speeches.  What a friggin’ hillarious show this is, the lack of hurricanes is a sure sign of a lack of heat, warm water drives hurricane formation.  The suckup minions of power running the nation are complete idiots.

The nation is doomed, Barry is shutting down all the coal fired plants as we slide down the ice sheet of lunacy into glacial temperatures of a new ice age.  I says its the damn Jews!  Unlimited executive power strategery of the supremacist Jews has given us a mad Nero-esque President and his muscle bound big shoulders transgender wife Gotagrrippaonobamasballs.

The Lag

Someone way back when made an incorrect inference as to CO2 and earth temperature, the two curves parallel one another, except CO2 lags by something like 800 or 2,000 years depending on which scientist does the measuring.  CO2 increases as the ocean temp increases, then decreases by a slower rate as the ice age waxes and the oceans cool.   The lag is short going up and long going down.


CO2 lags, that is what matters, CO2 is NOT a driver.  The entire global warming meme by CO2 forcing was all started by one incorrect observation of chart data, when you gaze at one of these CO2 vs. temperature charts from a long  time scale, you might get the cart before the horse.  CO2 is not causal, it merely reflects the trend, as the oceans warm, CO2 comes out of solution and increases in the atmosphere.

The next two charts illustrate this misperception of the data.  Both charts cover the same data, the first shows the two curves separated, temperature and CO2 seem correlated:


But when you overlay them, CO2 lags temperature:


Decreasing Solar Cycles A Bad Omen for Global Warming Looters

It’s been near 3144 days since the last hurricane made landfall, the current solar cycle wasn’t strong enough to produce strings of hurricanes.  When the sun is spotless, the earth cools, sunspots are directly correlated to earth temperature trends, so what this means is a spotless sun means diminishing solar irradiance, a cooler earth, an ice age trigger.  Someone should inform the POTUS that their ain’t no damn hurricanes during an ice age.

Don’t believe the near term temperature data, it’s manipulated.  There are websites now tracking how they massage the data. Science is corrupted by grant money, hacks deliver predetermined results to the bureaucratic overlords who are herding society into a new Jew order of kosher carbon taxes and the dehumanization of breath.


As the solar cycles decrease in intensity and extend in length, break out the fur coats and the Jack Daniels.  It’s going to be a long bitterly cold century that might trump the last mini ice age in record cold.


Holocene temperature profile threshold

interglacial dropout

Global Warming Folly

Humans continuously project trends incorrectly.  The reason for this is that Nature is cyclical, but the human mind thinks linear.  In the last couple of decades there was a smaller cycle warming trend, that trend was projected into the future as runaway global warming.  The past winter destroyed that projection as the reality of a long cold spell overturned the idea that it was warming.  Another long cold winter will convert even more people away from warming cult.

Hockey stock - 21st century

The runaway warming meme was wishful thinking of carbon tax globalists.  The temperature is now falling into a grand minima, CO2 concentrations irrelevant.  There is nothing humanity can do to stop this trend, millions will starve and be forced to move south into warmer climes.  Amerika is about to invade Mehico.


The global warming meme is a stain on the intentionally scrubbed mass mind, there is no way these fools can walk away from this one, they spent billions programming everyone to accept runaway temperatures as a science fact.  The United States government will sink into oblivion of their own lies.


They made a classic mistake, they projected a trend into a future while riding the very tale end of the trend.  Temperatures were having  a blip on the chart cycling up.  They ain’t goin’ up anymore you damn fools!  Temperatures are now headed down, hard down, cold is coming, freezing ass cold temperatures are going to bite the asses of the global warming liars.


Chapter 4. Global Warming Frozen in TIME


Global Warming, a modern myth propagated by psychotic Jews and their goyim sycophants, is dead as a doornail, frozen like a Chicago feed lot cow turd caught up in a polar vortex arctic blast from the returning Ice Age. The liars at Time Magazine repeated the big lie of CO2 driven warming with magazine cover after cover when it was all a lie, a big fat Jew lie.

time cover4

Hell hath frozen over the global warming bullshit.  There is no global warming, the fudged temperature data revealed, inter IPCC collusion emails published, the computer models all based on flawed premise that CO2 was the main driver of temperature.  Not so, not even close, not even a measurable factor.  These miscreants even classified the life gas of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The only CO2 off gassing you’ll ever worry about is down at your local taqueria staffed by bean eating illegals who are plotting Aztlan rising.

If there is one building that needs a commando raid it is the Time Warner Building on 10 Columbus Circle, New York.  Specially trained SEALS enter at the lobby and work their way up one floor at a time, leaving no survivors, the only ones that escape the white wrath are the ones that jumped out like the WTC on 911.  The people employed in that building are causal to the deaths of millions of innocent peoples around the globe, and their telling of the global warming lie has cost the American people billions.  They need to be completely eradicated without mercy along with all of their buddies at the SPLC.


Jump You F-ckers! is what we mentally project on the Wall Street pirates and the criminal minds that push Talmudic reality.  People are going to start freezing to death based on national policies based on global warming, the trend to shut down coal fired electrical plants is insanely genocidal.  But that is the point, isn’t it?  The Jew fabricates a big lie, pushes for public policy changes, then gleefully watches the goyim die in large numbers.

time cmposite

Global warming is a huge lie.  The Jew lies and lies and lies, they all lie because the Jew is part of the Talmudic hive mind.  All Jews act in unison and none can be trusted.  Truth is not a concern of the Jew, only the hive and control of the goyim worker drones.

The Jew tells whopper size lies, so huge that you can’t imagine that any human would lie that bad.  The Jew even tells the big lie about the big lie, claiming Hitler was the author of the big lie when Hitler was describing them in his book.  And boy do the Jews hate Hitler or what?   He organized Germany into a rival hive, he got all the Germans to act in unison against the Jew enemy, national fascism a solution to the parasitic Jew hive problem.

So when the Jew hive decides to tell the big lie of global warming they all do it and keep doing it even when they’ve been caught and the scam exposed.  What did the hive do when the IPCC was caught colluding on fabricating data?  They changed the meme to ‘climate change’, they did not admit to their global warming lie, they all started telling a new lie.

With global warming they got caught because the weather decided to get cold.  Science and looking out your front door trumped myth.  Most of you, however, still believe the lie of ‘climate change’ and go along with the nonsensical explanations that warm causes cold.  Global warming now causes ‘polar vortex’ according to the Jews at hive central, Time Magazine.

And you eat it up just as you believe the lie of Jesus the Christ.  Most of you have swallowed the New Testament hook, line, and sinker because you wanted to be saved.  You were born a slave in Jew hell, and the savior myth appealed to your fragile mind, you got caught in a Jew fishnet.  It’s not so easy to disprove that myth, although Joseph Atwill just did in his latest book.


With Jesus you got hooked on the idea of a personal savior.  You needed something to survive Jew predation.  Unfortunately you took into your hearts a Jewish savior who came to save his people.  Deep down you know something is terribly wrong with the world so you latched on to what you feel is the good.  Unfortunately, those memes you accepted, whether global warming or Jesus, is a way to control your mind and get you accept slavery.

Global warming was another massive Jewish thought crime, just as big as the Holocaust, almost as big as the Federal Reserve and Christianity.  Those that promoted it need to hang.  The only real problem is finding enough lamp posts to hang all the liars at Time Warner so that is I can imagine a commando raid or even better, multiple strikes from Tomahawk cruise missiles.  Do unto Time as Time has done to you.



global warming ship of fools bordering on pure madness

The reality that we still live in an Ice Age – but you would never know it coming from the lies spewing out of the District of Criminals. Anthropocentric Global Warming was never anything but pure hysterics in a minor warming blip as the earth cools again and enters another long cold period of ice.


Global Warming is popular delusion now bordering on pure madness.  Anthropocentric Warming was a scam all along based on the meme that CO2 warmed the atmosphere.  Jews are eager to create a World Government run by a Talmudic following Rabbinic class – they needed a scam to tax us – they needed a way to pave the way for their tyrannical madness – they demonized a life gas.

global warming modeling on the cusp of pure madness

CO2 is good, it is part of the life cycle – only the Jew would be so insane as to demonize an essential element of our survival.  CO2 driven warming is a huge lie, it is impossible, CO2 a minute trace gas in the atmosphere has never warmed the earth.  The hypothesis that CO2 warms the atmosphere is wrong – now proven wrong by the failure of over 130 high end computer models of the atmosphere.  Once again the Jew is wrong, so wrong the Jew is bordering on pure madness.


We are in the ice age right now, in an interim warm period that is due for an end – CO2 emissions will never change the outcome of falloff into lower temperatures.  Humans are not affecting the ice age cycle, claims that CO2 will moderate the cold are completely wrong – CO2 concentrations have nothing to do with earth temperatures.







Scientists study the interglacials – trying to determine when this one will end.  The interglacials are given names, the one before the current Holocene is called the Eemian, here is a longer term chart (time is reverse plotted) that illustrates the Holocene period overlaid in yellow on the Eemian.

only a fool sayeth the lord can not stop the ice age

Global Warming is a scam, the real threat is a return to the glacial period.  The average length of the previous 5 interglacials is 10,000 years.  When the Holocene ends we will not be able to stop the plunge into cold – humans can not change orbital variations or solar output.

VostokTemp0-420000 BP

On a longer scale, the earth has been cooling for the last 65 million years, since the end of the dinosaurs.  The last two million years the earth has been locked into a glaciation cycles.  The next chart shows the gradual decline to lower temperatures (note the time scale is logarithmic – not linear).


On an even longer scale, the last 2 billion years the earth has experienced 4 previous ice ages. (Non linear time scale)


There are many interglacials and once you understand the reality of the current Ice Age you will then understand why Global Warming is fruit loops – it is an extraordinary popular delusion promoted by money men with a political agenda.  In this next chart the time scale is reversed, you are in the top left, the red is the “interglacial” based on an arbitrary temperature baseline.

there are many interglacials

Do you think computer models are going to stop the Ice Age Cycles?  The climate is always changing, using it as a political meme is meant to confuse, it is supreme dishonesty.

So the next question is why.  Why isn’t the earth’s climate stable?  The accepted answer is orbital variations called the Milankovitch Cycles and sun’s output variance.  The earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle and the sun has spots.  God’s perfect creation has 3 primary orbital variations that conspire with the sun to create climate change.  It has nothing to do with CO2 or man, the primary driver of climate change has nothing to do with humans.


These cycles have been calculated and plotted against ice core data.


What is the potential trigger that trips the earth into an ice age?  Solar minimum – a period of relative calm with few sunspots – the sun’s output reduced.  We are rapidly sliding into that right now – a (relatively) cool sun.  How do we know?  The sunspot cycle is growing weaker.

ice age trigger - solar minima

The hysterical Global Warming phenomenon occurred at the end of the Modern Warm Period.  Scientists (the ones not controlled by the Jew money) are saying a Little Ice Age is imminent, starting right now as Solar Cycle 24 ends.  Some are wondering if there will be any sunspots for the rest of the century, this decrease in solar activity could be the trip wire that plummets the earth back into cold.

Holocene temperature profile threshold

The real threat of climate change are the criminal politicians who are trying to fool us again.  Humans will migrate and adapt when the cold arrives, the real threat is what politicians are doing – passing laws that threaten our existence.  Shutting down coal-fired power plants at this juncture is suicidal – and that is exactly what the liar in chief is doing.

obama the liar - global warming is a gigantic hoax

Obama is a highly trained professional liar – an installed stooge of the power elite, he tells nothing but lies, reading a script on a teleprompter.  Everything he says is calculated confusion.


obama gif climate change is a fact




my name is yukon, yukon jack, logo

Chapter 6. The Pause is no Pause



not a pause its a shift in global temp chart

The pause in global warming is no pause, it is the transition to ice cold.  Don’t believe the desperate propagandists who are still claiming Global Warming as it snows in Hawaii in July.   CO2 is not causal, and sane scientists know this but are to timid to speak against the insane political class hell bent on pushing the Carbon Tax Agenda.

man made co2 is insignificant

The main stream media is provably insane, and they should be sued and put out of business for promoting Global Warming during the epic shift back into the Ice Age.  Man is not going to stop Nature, man can not modify the sun cycles or the orbital cycles of earth and the planets, or whatever is the true cause of triggering the fall back into an Ice Age.

In the meantime as an intermittent blip in Holocene temperature variation falls into lower temps, it is snowing in Hawaii in July.  The MSM still pushes the agenda when you can see with your own eyes that cold is on us, right in the middle of the summer in the tropics.

snow hawaii july 2015

Since the Global Warming computer models refuse to obey politicians, some scientists are investigating other possibilities.  Scientists have come up with a new model predicting that we are heading into a mini Ice Age based on twin solar cycle interference pattern.

Probing latitudinal variations of the solar magnetic field in cycles 21–23 by Parker’s Two-Layer Dynamo Model with meridional circulation

flatliong sun caused by destructive interference of two solar magnetic fields

This new scientific finding totally negates the politically driven Global Warming meme.  Variations in solar output and orbital cycles are driving earth weather, no the miniscule CO2 effect.


In the meantime, crazy little Israel prepares the Samson Option, a trigger for the nuclear winter and new Ice Age.  You can not believe how insane the West is, GERMANY IS GIVING NUCLEAR SUBS TO JEWISH SUPREMACISTS running Jew only Israel.  Have no doubt that Jews will be pushed up to the wall and they will incinerate Europe.


The Jewish hell state in the Middle East has armed German built submarines with nuclear missiles for use on the Western world.  If you doubt Israel intentions I urge you to take a look at what Jewry has done the Middle East thus far, check out the Gaza destruction, check out what they are doing to the finances of the United States.